Public Affairs is a broad and complex field where on the one hand public, private and non governmental institutions elaborate, discuss, promote and communicate policies and actions and where, on the other, those affected attempt to monitor, influence and respond to them. Here are some case studies of ampersand’s work in this field:
ampersand developed the content and supported the organisation of the seminar 'New Era for Government, Media and Communication' in the context of the Communication Action Series of the UK and Cyprus governments.
ampersand was recruited to help the Cyprus 2012 EU Presidency Secretariat's Communication Team in the elaboration of its media strategy.
ampersand prepares and presents the analysis of the standard Eurobarometer for Cyprus every six months
ampersand was drafted to assist in the research, elaboration and release of an Opinion on City Diplomacy prepared by a member of the Committee of the Regions.
ampersand was recruited to assist in a preparatory meeting between Palestinian and Israeli delegations which came together to elaborate the framework of a donors conference in The Netherlands for the promotion of joint actions to contribute to peace in the Middle East drafting the texts, declarations and follow-up documentation.
ampersand was recruited only hours before the unexpected departure of a Cypriot dignitary to draft speaking points for a politically delicate address to be delivered in a high level meeting overseas. 
ampersand was recruited by a leading corporation in the construction industry in Cyprus to provide regular intelligence alerts on EU issues that concern the corporation's field of interest in its attempt to be aware of forthcoming policies and to remain ahead of the competition.
ampersand was recruited to devise a communication strategy for a banking institution wishing to 'europeanise' its profile and message. A strategy and action plan were prepared the implementation of which allowed the public and the institution's consumers to identify it with a new progressive European outlook.
ampersand was asked by a Government Department to elaborate a series of seminars for over 300 employees of a Ministry which needed to be familiarized with the EU, its main policies and its decision making process. Three seminars were organised in Nicosia and two in Limassol.
ampersand handles - on behalf of ICF Mostra - various communication campaigns on a broad range of European Union initiatives such as the Single Market Month (Cyprus), the Consumer Rights Awareness Campaign (Cyprus), DG Enlargement's Writing Competition (Cyprus and Greece), the Consumer Credit Directive Awareness Campaign (Cyprus), the Youth at Work Series (Cyprus), EU Diversity Days (Cyprus), the EU Veterinary Year (Cyprus), the seminar on Cross Border Business in the EU Made Easy (Greece) as well as the Do the Right Mix urban transport campaign (Greece).